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Dec 22, 2004
A Perfect Scenario

A Perfect Scenario, Beginning To End


I meet a girl at church and we become good friends. Iím there for her any time she needs me. I become her best friend. We get closer and closer over the years. She goes through many relationships with other people, but nothing ever happens between us. Iím the first person she goes to talk to when she gets her heart broken. Iím like a big brother or even a father figure. To her, Iím the sweetest most caring guy in the world, but she doesnít have feelings beyond that. She doesnít even think about that option yet. Iíll have feelings for her, but Iíll never tell her. Iíll let her know in subtle ways, but she doesnít respond the same way. Life goes on. We get older. I finish school and move out on my own and have my job as an engineer with a full salary. Neither of us have found ďthe oneĒ yet. One day, something happens to her. I donít know what it is, but itís an event that makes her realize some things, and realize that Iíve been there all along. Sheíll face the reality that she loves me. This girl, who is by now a woman, will show up on my doorstep, crying. She knows she has to tell me, but she doesnít know how Iíll respond. The thought of me being turned off from her haunts her all the way to my house. At this point it is her worst nightmare. When I open the door and look at her teary eyes, Iíll know exactly why she is there. We wonít have to even say anything to each other, our bonds will be so deep that we both know exactly what this means. Iíll pull her inside, and Iíll hug tighter than Iíve ever hugged her before. Then she will realize how much I care and how much I want her to be my wife. It will be the culmination of years of friendship and trust and being there for each other. It will be like something out of a movie. A perfect scenario. It will take years for something like that to develop into what I have envisioned. Not to say we wouldnít have any problems, we would. However, that would still create the marriage that I long for. Our marriage would be fantastic, weíd have wonderful children who would grow up and make us proud. Weíd eventually grow old, with lots of grandchildren to spoil. One day one of us would die. The other would follow shortly thereafter.




I have so many different date ideas planned out in my head. Iíve made mistakes in the past as far as dating goes. I have places where I know I could improve upon, and need to. My goal is that for the next girl I date, I will be able fix my mistakes and give her the ultimate dating experience. I also want to date a girl in such a way that if we do eventually break up, her future husband will be able to come to me, Iíll be able to look him in the eyes, and heíll thank me for the respect I showed her while we dated. By respectfully dating a girl, it will encourage her to set higher standards for herself, and for anyone else she may potentially date. Table manners will be important. Iím not going to act all proper and prestigious or anything like that, but common manners will be used, even if we are eating at a place like Chic Fil A. I plan on staying away from fast food places for the most part. I donít really see McDonaldís being very romantic. Iím a romantic guy. I want to be able to be romantic, and still feel comfortable around the girl I care about. To me, something like walking on the beach at night under a full moon, somewhere away from the city lights, that is romantic. To be able to just lay out under the stars, listening to the waves, just talking. Being in the presence of each other. Maybe put my arm around her, or just hold her hand in mine. Heavy kissing generally isnít romantic in itself. I believe just being there with that person, close to them, holding them in your arms, is romantic. I love romance. Laying out under the stars, with the melodically ambient noises, forgetting all our cares and worries for that moment, just looking each other in the eyes. Seeing the spark in them that you love, knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, it is a wonderful feeling, Iím sure. Nature trails are also romantic. Iíd love to take a girl hiking on a date, up through trails, and to make a picnic lunch for us, and just go to get away from it all for a time. Iíd go ahead of time and plan out our walk, find the best places to stop, to take a lunch break. Spanish Point would be great. Iíve never been there on a date. To me, a real date is not dinner and a movie. The only time dinner and a movie is acceptable as a real ďdateĒ is when I make dinner for her and we watch a movie at my place. But going to the theater to see a movie, well, thatís not a real date. A date is going out and getting to know the person better, to talk to each other and learn about that person, to spend quality time together. A theater is not the place for any of those, and I donít think itís romantic either. Once weíve been dating for a long time, taking her to the movies can be a date. However, an initial date needs to be something simple, but calculated. It canít be too drawn out and I canít make it too strong, regardless of how I feel. Iím so afraid of one day turning a girl off because my feelings are too strong.




I havenít decided on how Iím going to propose yet, and when I do decide on how Iím going to do it, I wonít post in on here. That will remain unknown to anyone but me.




I want my marriage to be sometime near winter, so that we can have a honeymoon in the mountains in the snow. Even autumn would work too, because the mountains are so beautiful at that time. I donít want to go to Hawaii or someplace typical, I want to do things different than the norm. A week in the mountains, away from everyone, where we can spend time together and not worry about anything but each other. We can spend the days hiking and exploring, doing various activities, and of course, consummating the marriage.




Once the honeymoon is over, our lives together will begin as they will continue on indefinitely. Weíll have problems, just like any other marriage, but we will work through them. In the beginning, we will both probably have jobs working full time. At night, we can fix dinner together and clean up together. Iíll go to work every day and do a good job, because I know she is counting on me. Sundays weíll go to church. I think one of the greatest feelings in the world will be this. Every night, Iíll lay in bed next to the girl that I grew up with and fell in love with. Iíll have my arm around her, and sheíll be fast asleep. Iíll just lay there and watch her sleep, knowing that this woman beside me loves me, and will always love me, and I feel the same way towards her. Knowing what a long road it was to get to that point, and thanking God continuously for her. Iíll know that she is safe and secure, and that she trusts me to keep her that way. Iíll be responsible for her wellness and health. I still canít get over what I think itís going to be like. Laying there, next to the woman on my dreams, the one that I am going to spend the rest of my life with. Knowing she feels the same, knowing sheís safe, knowing that she trusts and loves me unconditionally.




I want children. Not at first, but fairly soon after marriage. I donít want to wait until Iím 30 to start my family. Maybe about the time Iím 26 Iíll be ready for children. I actually donít know how many I want. I know I want two at least, and probably not more than 3. Right now I say I want boys, but that is subject to change. It will be so awesome to be a father. Itís a lot of responsibility but by that time I should be ready for it. Plus, my parents would love to have grandchildren. Iím going to raise my children in a Christian home, first and foremost. My children will go to church, and they will behave. I will have no problem whatsoever spanking my kids. Corporal punishment is the way to go, and they will also get grounded and have things taken away from them. There will be harsh punishments in my house. My children are going to work around the house. Iím not going to raise lazy kids. If they want a car, theyíll have to get a job and buy one. Maybe. Itís always good to start out with high standards, and Iíll adjust them accordingly.


Growing Old


Once the years begin to set in, the best part about marriage will be the companionship. I want to be able to look back on my life and have accomplished a lot. I want to feel like I did a good job and have a peace about the life I lived.




I want to go quickly and without pain. The same for my wife. Ideally, Iíd like for my wife and I to go in the Rapture, but I canít hope for that.

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Dec 17, 2004
Mission Statement

The purposed in my creating this blog is to write down things about my future relationship with my wife. What I want, how I want to go about things, and my dreams and goals will be on here. There are so many things that I'm looking forward to one day. I told some of them to a friend of mine the other day, and she said that I was the sweetest guy ever. LOL. That's partly why I decided on doing this. Hopefully people who visit will provide me input for this blog and life.

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